what my clients say...


“Mary-Ann has taught me that not only can I enjoy the food I love but I can make it healthier so I still enjoy it and not feel so bad. Before I used to feel bloated lethargic, I had no energy and I was in a very bad head space... now I have more energy and the bloating has disappeared. 


I’m truly grateful for Mary-Ann encouraging me ...and I am also very thankful for the amazing work time and dedication Mary-Ann has put into making me a healthier person not just for me but for my son as well.
I highly recommend Mary-Ann she is amazing at her Job and knows her food so well.


This year I decided it was time to lose some weight, I thought it was going to be easy and if I just started exercising the weight would start falling off. After a few weeks of minimum results, I knew I needed to focus more on what I was eating. I started researching diets and nutrition information online and I was totally overwhelmed and more confused than when I started.


After a few weeks of trying random things from the internet I heard about the meal plans Mary-Ann offered so I thought I would give them a go.

Once I talked to Mary-Ann about my goals we decided that nutrition coaching would be better for me long term. I was hesitant at first but four months down the track and I’ve lost 15 kilos and I am no longer focused on just “losing weight” but becoming a healthier version of myself.


Mary-Ann has helped guide me in the right direction and teach me how I can be healthy while still enjoying food and not missing out on anything. Not only have I found a great support in Mary-Ann but a life long friend :)



“Nourish Me Lean is exactly right!!! First week in... and lost 2.5kgs! So incredible. The meals are so easy to make and so delicious it doesn’t feel like your on a diet, which it’s not. It’s a healthy lifestyle. Yum yum yum!!! Can’t wait for my full transformation!!!.”


Hello! My name is Tracey, I’m 27 years old and currently working as a Warranty Co-ordinator. 


When I started this journey, I was struggling with a number of things like bad eating habits, stress eating (this was a HUGE one for me), lacking a ton of energy and not understanding what the nutrition labels meant on foods in the supermarkets. I felt incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin because it was the unhappiest I had felt in a very long time. I was stuck for many years and felt unmotivated due to my full time job.  I have tried every diet out there, you name any and I’m sure I would have attempted it at some stage of my life. 


My health was taking a turn for the worst. I became out of control with the way I was eating because I “never had time” to cook or take foods from home so I was always out spending money on unhealthy food options as it was “easier” for me. 

Since I started this amazing program, I was on it for 3 months. Within this time frame I had gained a lot of things I never thought I would achieve. First off, I found myself choosing healthier food options. At first, I struggled a lot because as a stress eater, I would be experiencing things at work and would turn to junk food for comfort. Once I joined the program and continued, I was able to lost 8 kilos, I dropped in centimetres, my clothes fit better (my favourite pair of jeans that I adored now fit me perfectly). This program helped me with my self esteem, confidence and help me understand what to eat as well as finding the time to cook meals at home rather than eat out – which was a double bonus for me as I found myself saving a lot more money taking meals from home to work. 

I have learnt so much in the 3 month time frame. Since the program, I have lost a further 4 kilos, I am lot of more confident in my body because to me it’s not only important to lose weight but to also FEEL comfortable in ones own body. I have continuously made healthier choices, I have not had any take out food for at least 3 months now as I do not crave or yearn for it the way I used to.  A struggle for me was also drinking water, but since I started the program I now aim to drink at least 1.5-2L a day as well as exercise and take daily walks which has made incredible changes on the inside as well as on the outside. 


I am slowly falling in love with my body and making the healthier choices has helped me be more confident in my own skin. Because I am a person who needs someone to be accountable for me, this program was perfect because Mary Ann will call you at least once a week to discuss how you are and how you can move forward. This helped me so much, the content was amazing as she would follow up and send recipes (which are ridiculously amazing and tasty, who knew healthy food could taste so good!). If you choose this program, you will not regret it . It’s not just a diet, it is a lifestyle change and will work in the long term.