Easy Peasy Cookies!

I am in love with these cookies! They are delicious and nourishing and simple and quick - the perfect little snack. They take next to no time to whip up and use wholefood ingredients. But you know what the best bit is?! These cookies use only 2 ingredients. Two staple ingredients that add value to your body - banana and oats. So simple!

If you want to take these cookies to another level simply add in some extra ingredients. We add in choc chips and that ramps this recipe up -so good! Raisins is also a common add in and they are just as yummy- or the ultimate combo and our all time fave is both choc chips and raisins together! I add just a small handful of each into the mixture.

These cookies are really cheap to make, versatile, quick and healthy! So ditch the processed biscuits and give these a go next time you feel like a yummy snack- play around with the recipe to make it your own- you wont regret trying these, I promise.

Recipe, makes 12.


2x medium bananas

1 cup of rolled oats (or instant)

Toppings- use anything you want- our faves are organic chocolate chips, or cacao nibs, raisins

Frozen berries or fresh berries also go great!


1. Preheat oven to 180C, line tray with baking paper.

2. Mash bananas with a fork, add a cup of oats and stir well until combined.

3. Add in desired toppings, stirring until well combined

4. Use a tablespoon to measure out cookies, then shape and flatten with hands

5. Bake for 20mins. Let cool and enjoy!

Happy Baking!