About Mary-Ann Alpeche

Hey there, I am Mary-Ann!


I am a Nutritionist & Mind Body Eating Coach. I am a degree qualified Counsellor, business owner and a mum to two beautiful boys.

You will find me most days with my trackies (a perk of working from home), with my laptop open and yep, a coffee in hand.

I have coached 100's of women to ditch the diet, identify and overcome emotional eating triggers, create healthy and sustainable habits, and feel confident on their own skin. 

My Story.

I have always had a passion for health, working in the health and fitness industry for most of my life, this passion has continued to grow over the years

Body Image. It had always haunted me. Never feeling quite enough, unless I was under a certain weight And there were years of feeling great and times of feeling not great. But the one thing that remained the same regardless, was that I was ruled by the number on the scales.

I can share this part of me now, openly and honestly, unashamed. However, this wasn’t always the way – it was a dirty little secret I held onto for years. I am sharing this because it is important and relevant to my business, and to you.


Let me explain.

I love health. Always have. BUT, What I was focussed on was the outside of my body, not the inside. If I am honest the reason I did anything health related wasn’t because of wanting to better the inside (that was a side effect) it was highly motivated by wanting to better the outside. I was doing it all backwards- I was controlled by it.  And the unfortunate thing is, I was not alone. 

I Tried Everything… All-the-diets -And they all work!

Counting calories – that sucked.

Weighing food – I mean seriously, it was embarrassing!

Cutting out food Groups - No thanks- I love food.

Exercising Too Much - That was really draining.

I have done every fad diet there is…fairly successfully I might add- I now consider that my market research. 😉

And can I add I am educated woman and married to a Personal Trainer- the shame was next level! Why couldn’t I sort this out?!

The problem with these techniques is they aren’t sustainable, fulfilling or long term. And they don’t address underlying health issues, goals and needs. 

Naturally I started to tire of the effort! The mental effort. Being a chocolate lover didn’t help my cause. I needed to work out how I could finally be free of this fight I was having with food and weight and health and be me, imperfectly me.

So, after evolving and evolving and evolving some more, studying again, and changing careers, becoming a mother – I don’t do things lightly 😉, I finally changed the way I viewed health, flipped the concept of my goals being outside-driven on its head, and went ‘inside’ first- that’s when things really changed. I started to care much more about the inside rather than the outside. And you know what it did? Created a MASSIVE MINDSET SHIFT. I felt free. Empowered and in control of my health! For good. For real.


What Are My Programs About?

They are different- not about one solution – just exercising more or going on a diet. It’s not about a perfect weight or a bikini body. It’s about YOUR goals. It is about how YOU feel. It is holistic, highly supported, encouraging and releasing. Releasing of old patterns and behaviours that have pulled you down, and empowerment to move forward in your health journey, with sustainable skills and no restrictions – and can I say the side effect is usually a rockin’ new bod!

I want you to not only reach your goals, but to maintain them easily and for the long run – that’s the real kicker, right? We can all set a goal, some will reach that goal- but effortlessly maintaining those health goals that’s the winning formula.

Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, weight management, or your relationship with food, I am ready to support you take the next step to a healthier you.

BUT Let’s get real, healthy isn’t perfect. It’s evolving and it’s holistic. I have a back to basics approach to health and nutrition. Absolutely no BS and no quick fix. So, if a quick fix is what you want- I am not your girl. However, if you want to be a healthier happy version of yourself with a brand-new bod to celebrate - then I can work with you!

To schedule a 20 Minute Health Punch Call (value $99) where we can spend some time chatting about your goals, needs and wants & where we establish if working together is the right path for you & I,  click the button.

So, to finish off, here are 10 fun facts about moi!

  1. I have tried every fad diet under the sun- you name it I have done it. Yep- I can talk fad diets with you All. Night. Long!

  2. A large part of my career has been in leadership roles, yet I am an introvert. I like alone time and I find small talk really hard.

  3. Joss stone is my all-time fave singer.

  4. I vacuum every day. More than once. More than twice. Enough said.

  5. I have flown a plane (well steered one, for a second). Still counts right?

  6. I love crime shows. LOVE THEM!

  7. I am not a tomboy, I don’t think farts are funny and I don’t want to get dirty. Yet I am a mother of boys & I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

  8. I am a romantic, a dreamer. I believe people can achieve anything they set their minds too.

  9. I am all about personal responsibility. When we take responsibility, our opportunities are limitless.

  10. I am a fierce advocator for equality and human rights