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Hey there,

I'm Mary-Ann. Mum, Nutritionist & Mind Body Eating Coach.

I understand first hand that feeling of being stuck in a health rut. Of knowing what to do but for some reason not being able to do it. To not feel happy or comfortable in your own skin. I get it!


That is why I am here. For you.


To make healthy easy.

To strip back the overwhelm.

To get you feeling confident in your skin and empowered in your health.


I am here to support you feel happy, informed, and in control of your health. Kicking fad diets to the curb once and for all! 

Are you ready to feel amazing?



No BullS**T 

Individually Tailored

Highly Supported

Back to Basics

I Make Healthy Easy! 

Empowering & Uplifting



4 Week Fit and Healthy 




12 Week Mind

And Body 


26 Week Complete



Health Goddess


...Because the next few months will go by, regardless. So start now.

“Mary-Ann has taught me that not only can I enjoy the food I love but I can make it healthier so I still enjoy it and not feel so bad. Before I used to feel bloated lethargic, I had no energy and I was in a very bad head space... now I have more energy and the bloating has disappeared. I’m truly grateful for Mary-Ann encouraging me ...and I am also very thankful for the amazing work time and dedication Mary-Ann has put into making me a healthier person not just for me but for my son as well.
I highly recommend Mary-Ann she is amazing at her Job and knows her food so well.”



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YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR LIFE. If you don't have your health in check, how are you treating your quality of life?


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Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or fitness regime. Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss.

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