Empowering Women To Ditch The Diet Mentality & Enhance Their Health


Hey there,

I'm Mary-Ann. Mum, Nutritionist & Mind Body Eating Coach.

I understand first hand that feeling of being stuck in a health rut. Of knowing what to do but for some reason not being able to do it. To not feel happy or comfortable in your own skin. I get it!


That is why I am here. For you.


To make healthy easy.

To strip back the overwhelm.

To get you feeling confident in your skin and empowered in your health.


I am here to support you feel happy, informed, and in control of your health. Kicking fad diets to the curb once and for all! 

Are you ready to feel amazing?



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No BullS**T 

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Individually Tailored

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Highly Supported

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Back to Basics

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I Make Healthy Easy! 

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Empowering & Uplifting



4 Week Fit and Healthy 




12 Week Mind

And Body 


26 Week Complete



Health Goddess


...Because the next few months will go by, regardless. So start now.

“Mary-Ann has taught me that not only can I enjoy the food I love but I can make it healthier so I still enjoy it and not feel so bad. Before I used to feel bloated lethargic, I had no energy and I was in a very bad head space... now I have more energy and the bloating has disappeared. I’m truly grateful for Mary-Ann encouraging me ...and I am also very thankful for the amazing work time and dedication Mary-Ann has put into making me a healthier person not just for me but for my son as well.
I highly recommend Mary-Ann she is amazing at her Job and knows her food so well.”



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YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR LIFE. If you don't have your health in check, how are you treating your quality of life?